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a brief note to send you my warmest congratulations on yesterday evening's triumph.  It was a splendiferous occasion, a roaring success, and a fantastic fillip to the Society - well done, and thank you very much for all the effort and hard work that you put into it


The City of Westminster and Holborn Law Society owes its origins to an informal  meeting in 1962 of solicitors practising in the City of Westminster and in the Metropolitan Borough of Holborn, called by Sir Thomas Lund, Secretary of the Law Society.  They agreed that central London ought to have its own local law societies. Later in the same year Holborn Law Society and City of Westminster Law Society were formed, separately but with similar rules and objectives.

During the first four decades it was Holborn Law Society that took the lead  in many aspects of professional affairs. Much of this was due to its outstanding first honorary secretary the late Dennis Gordon, who founded and  promoted  most of its institutions.

In 2001 the two societies amalgamated to become the City of Westminster and Holborn Law Society. 

In 2005 the Society was incorporated and  is now a company limited by guarantee.   

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