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a brief note to send you my warmest congratulations on yesterday evening's triumph.  It was a splendiferous occasion, a roaring success, and a fantastic fillip to the Society - well done, and thank you very much for all the effort and hard work that you put into it

Land Law and Conveyancing Sub-Committee

This subcommittee usually meets between four and five times a year although on occasion an additional meeting has been convened to discuss a specific issue. It meets to discuss aspects of law and pracitice affecting prctitioners invloved in property transactions both commercial and residential with a marginal emphasis on the former. By way of example we discuss the following:

  1. Consultation papers affecting property usually deriving from the DCLG, the Law Commission or HMRC. On Occassion we have been involved with the assistance of other members of the Society in submitting repsonses to papers the most recent being relevant to HIPS and the Law Commission proposals regarding easements, covenants and profits-a-prendre.
  2. Practical issues affecring property recently the Conveyancing Quality Scheme, developments regarding the conveyancing protocp; and the Solicitors Regulation Authprity new handbook
  3. Aspects of regulatpry regimes affecting proprty for example relating to asbestos, fire sfaety, energy performance certificates and gas and electricity installations and Statutes affecting property such as Finance Acts particularlt applicable to Stamp Duty Land Tax and VAT
  4. Case Reports with property related aspects

In case of paragraphs 3 qand 4 above our principal purpose through the minutes of meetings is to draw the attention of practitioners to the possible significance of published regualtions and decided cases.

Adam Maberly
020 8788 1645

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