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a brief note to send you my warmest congratulations on yesterday evening's triumph.  It was a splendiferous occasion, a roaring success, and a fantastic fillip to the Society - well done, and thank you very much for all the effort and hard work that you put into it

Law Reform Sub-Committee

City of Westminster and Holborn Law Society uniquely among local law societies has a committee dedicated to law reform.  The Law Reform Committee traces its origin  to 1963, very soon after the formation of Holborn Law Society, beginning life as a working party with the Law Society on proposals about positive covenants on freehold flats.  Unlike the other committees which mainly deal with affairs of the profession, this committee is concerned with the general law of the land.  Most of its work is studying and commenting on official proposals for law reform, particularly those from the Law Commission with which it is in regular contact.  However from time to time also it formulates proposals of its own, usually originating from a member of the Society with expertise in the subject. 

Perhaps its most notable achievement was the invention of the enduring power of attorney.  The Law Commission's initial working paper on that topic in 1967 was acknowledged  as "initially prompted by a Memorandum from Holborn Law Society" .   Over the years there have been many instances where the committee's submissions have passed into law. 

Members who believe that the law on some topic ought  to be reformed  are urged to contact the committee. Through working with the committee they may find that their ideas have a real prospect of  being carried into legislation.

Arthur Weir
01491 638294

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