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What an amazing event! I have had a series of phone calls this morning from my barristers that attended saying how impressed they were from start to finish! Well done for organising such a memorable event. I think the opera singers were the icing on the cake and I for one well never forget that. I can't wait until next year's annual dinner

Litigation Sub-Committee

The litigation sub-committee monitors developments in civil litigation practice and procedure.  We consider consultation papers from the MoJ and others.  We are represented on the Committee of the London Solicitors Litigation Association and also on the High Court Chancery Users Committee.  We pass comments and suggestions to other Court user committees as appropriate.  We meet quarterly, because monthly meetings are not practicable.  Standing agenda items include changes to the Civil Procedure Rules, costs developments, settlement cases (under CPR Part 36 or otherwise) and other court and procedural changes.  The sub-committee includes members from a diverse range of practice areas, but we are always keen to consider new members with different practices.

Shams Rahman
020 7079 2407

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