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What an amazing event! I have had a series of phone calls this morning from my barristers that attended saying how impressed they were from start to finish! Well done for organising such a memorable event. I think the opera singers were the icing on the cake and I for one well never forget that. I can't wait until next year's annual dinner

Membership Development Sub-Committee

The Membership development committee has recently convened to address the issue of membership of the society in a changing legal landscape. We are presently meeting on at least a monthly basis as we consider the consolidation and expansion of our membership to be at the heart of the society's future development.

We aim to represent lawyers in every area, whether in-house, in private practice or in government service, and indeed both those starting out on their career and those looking back on it.

We are looking at a wide range of issues including membership structure, cost, and above all benefit.

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